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A rare opportunity to invest in an exciting, scalable and sustainable new tourism concept.

Paradise Express Ferry delivers unparalleled customer-focused offerings, tailored to untapped markets.

British-born Paradise Express founder, Garry Johnson, is an avid global traveler. His experiences have taken him all around the world, including living in Jamaica for several years before moving to the United States. He’s experienced the joys and frustrations of the average traveler, with excursions being hit-or-miss, with little opportunity for deeper understanding of local authentic cultures.

His experiences led him to create Paradise Express, with the aim of producing a scalable and disruptive entity in the multi-billion dollar tourism excursion industry. His vision is to create an enterprise with a purpose. Uniquely branded, immersive maritime experiences, integrated with novel technologies that enable consumers to capture then share the history, culture and music of the local populations; thereby creating exciting career opportunities, with jobs that empower local communities and sustain economic development.

The Caribbean hosts some of the world’s finest venues in terms of its stunning beauty and the warmth of its people. Paradise Express Ferry will be a platform that will operate in some of the most popular Caribbean destinations and will allow vacationers to be immersed in the rich, differentiated multicultural experiences that the islands offer.

Based on its locale and ever growing tourism numbers, Jamaica was selected as the initial Caribbean launch venue for the Paradise Express Ferry platform. Of course, it helps that Garry loves returning to Jamaica time and time again, each time discovering new attractions, and learning more about its extremely friendly people and their vibrant history, culture, music and cuisine. But while Jamaica offers so much to explore, it can take FOREVER to get to its many famed attractions in a tour bus or taxi. What Garry’s travels taught him is that the best way to truly explore an island is by boat.

He founded Paradise Express Ferry, because, as he likes to say, “The best way to get around Jamaica is to go around Jamaica!” His goal was to create an environment where 5 million annual tourists and 2.9 million Jamaicans alike could travel by fast catamaran ferry between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, or Montego Bay and Negril, and soon between Montego Bay and Santiago, Cuba.

Meanwhile… back home in New York, Garry has been deeply involved in the exciting new “Renaissance” in the city’s world-famous Harlem neighborhood. With a vision to develop tourism and entertainment opportunities that will attract additional visitors to one of his most beloved destinations, Garry’s second Paradise Express project, the Harlem Rocket was born!

The Harlem Rocket is an exciting speedboat tour on the Hudson River along the Harlem and Upper Manhattan waterfront, launched from the award-winning West Harlem Piers. It is as thrilling as it is educational, focusing on the historical & cultural contributions of the dynamic people who have lived and worked in Harlem and neighboring communities. And of course, it will also feature sightseeing tours to the Statue of Liberty!

The Harlem Rocket concept has been met by local government and community leaders with great enthusiasm and it will be the first major new tourist attraction in Harlem in over 30 years! With these exciting projects and other uniquely branded immersive maritime experiences in development, Paradise Express is positioned to be one of the world’s most innovative and exciting entertainment companies, creating local jobs and unforgettable experiences for local communities, investors and tourists alike.