I founded Paradise Express Ferry because of my experiences as a world traveler with Jamaican roots, visiting distant places such as Paris and Brazil, or not so distant places such as Vancouver and Mexico. What I found was that for all their majesty, the Caribbean was able to best them all in terms of stunning beauty as well as the warmth of its people. And I wanted the opportunity to bring my global travel experiences home.


I wanted to create a new Caribbean vacation experience that would allow a visitor to feel the wind in their hair, while sipping a pina colada or rum punch or two, while viewing the stunning coastal vistas of the island, en-route to their hotel or an excursion. Complementing the obvious beauty of the island will be the warmth of the Paradise Express Ferry crew and staff that will assist, educate and inform the guest of the history, culture, and music of the island and its people. But we’ll also have modern amenities like free broadband guest Wi-Fi to ensure connectivity to family and friends.


Just as importantly, this venture also introduces a new industry to the tourism marketplace, creating hundreds of viable local jobs, supporting small businesses, and encouraging educational and environmental activities. We are committed to creating safe, appealing, and environmentally friendly structures and transports that have the least possible negative impact on the environment, and to working closely with preservation groups to protect the aquatic ecosystems from which we benefit.


Jamaica is an island that takes a very important place in history regarding the exploration and discoveries of what would later be named the New World.  It is partly that maritime history, embedded in the various bays and harbors dotting the island discovered by Christopher Columbus, that visitors will get the opportunity to learn and view, as they transit between Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Negril. Paradise Express Ferry brings all this together in an incomparable immersive experience. As we like to say, Welcome To Paradise!


– Garry A. Johnson